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From the mocking Spongebob GIF to confused Mr. Krabs meme, Spongebob Squarepants is undoubtedly the pop culture gift that keeps on giving. With mocking Spongebob still making the rounds on Twitter, a brand new meme from the iconic show has gone viral: Evil Patrick Star.

Me leaving the pot in the sink because

“it needs to soak”

— Andre D Thompson (@AndreDThompson) March 1, 2018

The picture of Spongebob’s best friend smiling maniacally at the screen comes from the first season’s 18th episode, where Patrick loses his mind after Spongebob decides to give up modern life to live with the jellyfish.

"Bring that money your Uncle gave you, let me save it for you"

— kob (@Mhagayr) March 6, 2018

“Please help me to iron this small cloth”

— Tobi (@TheTobiSmith) March 10, 2018

'I saw your child talking to the opposite sex on the main road'

'Thank you my dear sister, I will deal with them.'

— skudududududu (@jesuisjoy_xo) March 6, 2018

“Dooo you remembaaa me? I used to carry you when you were so small”

— DJ Matthews #Timelin3 (@IAmDJMatthews) March 6, 2018

*puts stew in ice cream tub*

— skudududududu (@jesuisjoy_xo) March 6, 2018

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