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March 10, 2018 ( Comments )

Students and colleague of Chioma Avril have made unbelievable allegations against her revealing that she is a departmental prostitute.

Whether this was was born out of jealousy or a fact, is unknown to us but the group of Babcock students alleged that Chioma Avril Rowland ,the celebrity girlfriend of Davido Adeleke is a ‘prostitute’, not worthy of dating the star who apparently is in love.

According to a Twitter user Debo, who claims to know everything about Babcock University girls, the same University from which Davido graduated, Chioma is a ‘Skrep’ another name for a prostitute!

tweeted that he is still in shock to see Davido showing off a girl who has slept situated almost all the guys in the same school. The Economics undergraduate was accused of living a ‘free’ life in school despite the love and attention Davido constantly showers on her.

Some other Babcock colleagues have added their opinion of Chioma whom they claim to know well.

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